A 40-ager’s thoughts… start of a new year. :-)

Over the holiday break I actually had a bit of time to relax and ‘think’, and came to a few conclusions/decisions.

1.  I may have lost the ability to trust (men).  I hope not.

2.  Weight is something I think I use to hide behind, so that I don’t even get the opportunity to have to trust anyone (men specifically).

3.  I’m afraid that I’ve done my daughter a disservice by never even trying to have a relationship (again)… never showing her first-hand how wonderful a relationship CAN be.

4.  For a ‘New Year’s resolution’ of sorts, I will strive to begin improving myself physically and mentally, and try to ‘get out more’.

5.  I will make an effort to speak more freely with my daughter about my feelings and desires.

Tracking these thoughts (at times) via this blog, I hope, will keep me ‘honest’.  🙂


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