A 40-ager’s thoughts… discouraged. :-(

Reaching a level of irritation and disappointment that I didn’t think was even possible. Lately I’ve been coming into contact with (sometimes through family and friends’ experiences) a growing number of persons who appear to have no conscience (or morals), or possibly any concept of what it means to be ethical.  These persons appear toContinue reading “A 40-ager’s thoughts… discouraged. :-(“

A 40-ager’s thoughts… :-)

Well, it’s already February, so my commitment to post here is off to a sad start (only 1 other ‘contemplation’ post so far).  My excuse is life — I’m ‘just the girl who can’t say no’ and have a tendency to over-commit my time.  January was taken up with a big consulting project and wasContinue reading “A 40-ager’s thoughts… :-)”

Home Depot’s Retool Your School HBCUs Campus Improvement Grant Program

Home Depot’s Retool Your School HBCUs Campus Improvement Grant Program Deadline for Letter of Intent: 10 February 2014 The Retool Your School (RYS) Campus Improvement Grant Program will award a total of $250,000 to Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) for campus and facility improvements. Grant awards for the 2014 program are: Tier I GrantContinue reading “Home Depot’s Retool Your School HBCUs Campus Improvement Grant Program”

California Historical Society Book Award Announcement

California Historical Society Book Award Announcement Applications are due every July 1. The California Historical Society and Heyday have established the California Historical Society Book Award for a book-length manuscript that makes an important contribution to scholarship and deepens public understanding of some aspect of California history. The annual prize carries a $5,000 advance andContinue reading “California Historical Society Book Award Announcement”