37 Things For Which College Students, and Others, Are Thankful

Here is my list of things college students (or anyone) can be thankful for… essentially my revisions to a list issued by The Odyssey on what ‘all’ college students are thankful for this season:    

  1. Any day class and/or work is cancelled.
  2. No alarms, i.e. sleeping in on days ‘off’.
  3. No line at Starbucks / Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.
  4. Game Day. (Most especially when you have tickets.)
  5. Any and all victories.
  6. Drink specials. Period.
  7. Restaurants that deliver and/or have a drive-thru.
  8. Receiving gift cards.
  9. Sunday brunches with Mimosas (or other tasty drinks).
  10. Netflix.
  11. Scented candles.
  12. The over-achiever in your group project.
  13. Naps.
  14. Fat Sal’s. (Non-chain, original eateries.)
  15. Your Tempur-Pedic / Memory Foam mattress topper.
  16. Burritos.
  17. Live theatre.
  18. Live musical theatre.
  19. Professors that round up. Bosses that cut you slack.
  20. Pizza.
  21. Majoring in, or working in, a field that you enjoy!
  22. Extensions on papers and projects.
  23. Sweatpants (or yoga pants).
  24. Fun, easy classes. Fun, easy work projects.
  25. Red Solo cups. The blue ones just really aren’t the same.
  26. Swiffer. The easiest form of clean up.
  27. Snapchat.
  28. The perfect emoji to describe your current emotion.
  29. Social media in general. (Both a blessing and a curse.)
  30. Anything that you add water to and microwave.
  31. Big sweatshirts and sweatpants.
  32. Whenever there’s a chance to hit snooze. Repeatedly.
  33. Unexpectedly fun nights out with friends.
  34. Chick-fil-A, in general. Great lemonade.
  35. Getting a break for Thanksgiving.
  36. Going home to your family.
  37. Having time to hang with friends.

Regardless of the time of year, we can be thankful for these things every day.

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