Return on Investment as a Metric for Grant Writers

This is about ROI regarding hiring a grant writer (grant seeking), verses ROI of the actual project (grant management).

Grant Results

Return on investment (ROI) is a useful metric for tracking productivity in grant seeking. Unlike some others, it takes the perspective of those who pay for grant writing services rather than of those who provide them. Its calculation should cover the costs of a grant writer’s activities that precede a grant award notification. Among such costs are prospecting, planning, researching, writing, and publishing – but not managing or evaluating or reporting. The latter are among the costs of having a grant and keeping it, rather than those of seeking one.

Multi-Year Grants

Some grant awards yield multi-year funding. Often they require multi-year budgets at the time of initial application. In such cases, if only one proposal will secure a multi-year grant, then I’d count the entire approved budget toward ROI in the year it was first funded. If a multi-year grant will require a separate proposal each year, then I’d…

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