Supreme Court Justice Didn’t Know Marriage Can’t Legally Involve Churches or Religion

classic. 🙂

29 April 2015 update:  Guess I’m reminded why it’s important to do your own research and not take other people’s word on issues (see first comment from @VoR).

The Grandma Gazette

With the first day of hearings taking place before the United States Supreme Court, an awkward happening occurred when Supreme Court Chief JusticeJohn Roberts found out that both religion and religious establishments have nothing to do with the legality of same-sex marriage.

The uncomfortable exchange began when Chief Justice Roberts asked famed gay rights lawyer Mary Bonauto why she believed that we should “force churches and religious leaders to preside over a homosexual wedding that, when taken as a whole, would offend their moral conscience.”

Although she seemed taken aback, Bonauto replied with little to no hesitation.

“Well, I’d cite the U.S. Constitution, previous Supreme Court decisions, and the Treaty of Tripoli.”

Chief Justice Roberts then asked Bonauto to elaborate on her answer.

Bonauto replied, “Thomas Jefferson clearly stated that the intent and function of the 1st Amendment was that the country could never establish any laws based on…

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There Is No I In Team

Great attitude!

Prairie Dog Chronicles


Agility…my addiction.  I think it appeals to me so much because it is a team sport, something I have excelled at my whole life.  A team works together.  It is as strong as its strongest member and as weak as its collective foibles.  Team sports require cooperation, camaraderie, relationships, and an intimate knowledge of one another’s skills.   When my team consists of my dog and me…well then, that just makes it even more amazing.
   When we partner with our dogs on the course it is just the two of us, the course and the communication and team work required to run clean.  It is, as I have often said, a dance; harmony, fluidity, perfect timing and intimate knowledge of your partner all coalescing into a perfect, seamless performance.  It is thrilling and beautiful and unequaled by any individual sport or effort.


   I see too much punishment and…

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Desire to boycott…

wonderful opportunity? or example of hypocrisy?

Goodwill talks a good game about how they are all about helping people to better their lives. They offer training and employment. They take in donations from the public, then offer them for sale at ‘reasonable’ prices. All this under the guise of:

“Empowering individuals

Goodwill Southern California empowers individuals by training, educating, employing and placing people with disabilities or disadvantages into careers that transform their lives. This extensive network of practical, compassionate aid embraces not only the individuals served, but also achieves a positive impact on Goodwill shoppers, donors and staff members. We offer a low-cost, high-quality shopping experience to consumers; provide donors a feel-good and convenient method to dispose of reusable household goods and e-waste; and create opportunities for staff members to enjoy rewarding careers in a supportive and inspiring environment.”

Sounds good anyway.

Many of us who do shop at their stores have noticed practices ‘evolving’ over the years. They started having not-so-great prices. Then they started splitting items they perceived as having a higher resale value into separate ‘Boutique Stores’ located inside the larger general stores — where most of the items are seriously overpriced.  

Now we find out they’ve been hoarding.

If you believe their marketing, we’re supposed to be grateful and excited. At least those of us that are ‘into’ vintage. Well most of us aren’t that gullible.

Even so, I have to admit to being tempted to attend their once-in-a-lifetime vintage sale… though I won’t, on principle. 

Not even sure I’ll donate to them anymore… or give them any of my business. There are plenty of other thrift stores to choose from…

A 40-ager’s thoughts… master numbers

I’ve always ‘heard’ that birthdays with two of the same number — 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, and 99 — are supposed to have special significance.  Never knew exactly what.

Come to find out, numerologists call these numbers Master Numbers. (Though some numerologists only consider 11, 22, and 33 to be Master Numbers.)  Though I can’t seem to find any way numerologists relate these numbers to birthdays… my interest was related to this being the 22nd birthday of my first-born daughter.  

The 22 is the most powerful of all numbers, and is often called the Master Builder. The 22 can turn the most ambitious of dreams into reality. It is potentially the most successful of all numbers. It has many of the inspirational insights of the 11, combined with the practicality and methodical nature of the 4. It is unlimited, yet disciplined. It sees the archetype, and brings it down to earth in some material form. It has big ideas, great plans, idealism, leadership, and enormous self-confidence. If not practical, the 22s waste their potential. Like the 11, the 22 can easily shrink from its own ambition, causing difficult interior pressures. Both the 11 and the 22 experience the pressure-cooker effect very strongly, particularly at an early age. It must work toward the realization of goals that are larger than personal ambition. The 22 serves the world in a practical way.

Maybe I need a ‘Math brain’ to fully understand this…?   -_-

I still think the birthdays that have double digits of the same number are cool and should be extra-celebrated since they don’t happen very often.  Let’s party!