There Is No I In Team

Great attitude!

Prairie Dog Chronicles


Agility…my addiction.  I think it appeals to me so much because it is a team sport, something I have excelled at my whole life.  A team works together.  It is as strong as its strongest member and as weak as its collective foibles.  Team sports require cooperation, camaraderie, relationships, and an intimate knowledge of one another’s skills.   When my team consists of my dog and me…well then, that just makes it even more amazing.
   When we partner with our dogs on the course it is just the two of us, the course and the communication and team work required to run clean.  It is, as I have often said, a dance; harmony, fluidity, perfect timing and intimate knowledge of your partner all coalescing into a perfect, seamless performance.  It is thrilling and beautiful and unequaled by any individual sport or effort.


   I see too much punishment and…

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