Supreme Court Justice Didn’t Know Marriage Can’t Legally Involve Churches or Religion

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29 April 2015 update:  Guess I’m reminded why it’s important to do your own research and not take other people’s word on issues (see first comment from @VoR).

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With the first day of hearings taking place before the United States Supreme Court, an awkward happening occurred when Supreme Court Chief JusticeJohn Roberts found out that both religion and religious establishments have nothing to do with the legality of same-sex marriage.

The uncomfortable exchange began when Chief Justice Roberts asked famed gay rights lawyer Mary Bonauto why she believed that we should “force churches and religious leaders to preside over a homosexual wedding that, when taken as a whole, would offend their moral conscience.”

Although she seemed taken aback, Bonauto replied with little to no hesitation.

“Well, I’d cite the U.S. Constitution, previous Supreme Court decisions, and the Treaty of Tripoli.”

Chief Justice Roberts then asked Bonauto to elaborate on her answer.

Bonauto replied, “Thomas Jefferson clearly stated that the intent and function of the 1st Amendment was that the country could never establish any laws based on…

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1 thought on “Supreme Court Justice Didn’t Know Marriage Can’t Legally Involve Churches or Religion

  1. It’s a fantasy. Roberts never asked that question. Besides, the answer supposedly given is utterly non-responsive to the question and hardly praiseworthy even if true.

    That said, I did read the transcript, and Scalia (not Roberts) did ask a similar question. (See transcript 23:3-18.) And Bonauto’s response was uninspiring at best. It basically amounted to “of course not.”

    Kagan’s response to the question was the best and most persuasive response offered. (See transcript 26:8-16.)

    As far as Roberts’s participation on this question, he chimed in at 36:4-8: “We have a concession from your friend that clergy will not be required to perform samesex marriage, but there are going to be harder questions. Would a religious school that has married housing be required to afford such housing to samesex couples?”

    You can read the response and the rest of the transcript here:…/argumen…/14-556q1_7l48.pdf

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