“9 Non-Threatening Leadership Strategies for Women” by Sarah Cooper

http://thecooperreview.com/non-threatening-leadership-strategies-for-women/ “When setting a deadline, ask your coworker what he thinks of doing something, instead of just asking him to get it done. This makes him feel less like you’re telling them what to do and more like you care about his opinions.”  😀  

Update to “Zara Copies Indie Artist’s Work, Then Says She’s Not Famous Enough For It To Matter” -jezebel.com

http://jezebel.com/zara-copies-indie-artists-work-then-says-shes-not-famo-1783970547 #MadeleineDavies Update to story. 

(My daughter) Clara for Miss Tiki Oasis!  Vote now, vote often! :-)

Please vote for Clara! There’s only a very short window allowed for voting (today through Sunday — 12-17 July 2016) but you can vote on different devices! https://tikioasis.shortstack.com/WBNRxj

The Library Journal – $1,000 prize for self-published ebooks

The Library Journal is hosting an indie ebook contest to honor self-published ebooks. The books must be in the following genres: Romance, Mystery, Science Fiction, Fantasy and Young Adult, with a $1,000 prize for each genre’s winner (plus promotion by the Library Journal). The prize is only open to books that have been digitally self published.Continue reading “The Library Journal – $1,000 prize for self-published ebooks”