“How to Write a Novel” -Akilesh Ayyar

It seems no matter what some may say, there is not one, single route to a good end product. The right way is whatever works for you. This article presents a take on how many quality authors use many different systems (or lack of systems)… along with other thoughts.  🙂 Link to article.

A 40-agers thoughts: taking stock…

I’m trying to ‘take stock’ of my life and clean out stuff that I’ve been carting around for years — I guess both emotionally and physically. I’d like to return to being more physically active and get back  in shape.  Of course it’s very difficult to change long term habits and also incorporate into theContinue reading “A 40-agers thoughts: taking stock…”

Mike Rowe and Koch Industries… some surprising information

I’m pasting the entirety of Mike Rowe’s post below, because I liked what it said, and what it reminded me about not jumping to conclusions and making sure to have all the facts before forming an opinion about someone… Off The Wall If you haven’t seen it, my name appeared a few weeks ago inContinue reading “Mike Rowe and Koch Industries… some surprising information”