“9 Non-Threatening Leadership Strategies for Women” by Sarah Cooper


“When setting a deadline, ask your coworker what he thinks of doing something, instead of just asking him to get it done. This makes him feel less like you’re telling them what to do and more like you care about his opinions.”  😀



A 40-agers thoughts… pet peeve on career

Some of my work involves draft contracts, this doesn’t make me an attorney.

Some projects require me to design flyers, brochures, etc., this doesn’t make me a marketing professional.

I am a writer and a grants professional.

I have legitimately worked in this capacity since my employment in a biological oceanography professor’s research laboratory at Texas A&M University back when I was a student there in 1990. After that introduction, all of my future full-time employment positions have been centered in the grants world.

Grants professionals (legitimate ones) hold themselves to a high ethical standard. As professionals, most follow the guidelines outlined by the Grant Professionals Association (GPA), http://www.grantprofessionals.org/ethics;  and the Association for Fundraising Professionals (AFP) http://www.afpnet.org/Ethics.

My pet peeve is… all of the people I run across out there that are marketing themselves as “award-winning grant writers”, peddling their “trade secrets” and “grant award winning strategies” to unsuspecting, desperate people and organizations — no matter their actual field of professional experience, or in what area their educational degrees were attained.

Having a Masters or Doctorate degree in ‘whatever’ does not qualify a person to serve as a professional in any ol’ field or industry that they see fit.

Having a minor/supportive hand in the overall compilation of a grant proposal does not give one the right to claim ownership of its success.

Why do these people think that grants work is a field that’s ‘fair game’?

It’s disrespectful to those of us that have put our blood, sweat and tears into assisting organizations to secure grant funding in support of reputable, society-serving projects and programs.

It’s a disservice to those unsuspecting non-profits and individuals that are simply seeking out some legitimate help in learning how to navigate the federal, state, foundation and/or corporate grant-giving world.

Let’s be professional about all respective careers.

Give credit where credit is due and stop over-inflating our own PR in the interests of prestige and the pursuit of the almighty dollar.


A 40-ager’s thoughts… can’t complain /:-)

Well, of course I can.

Somehow it got to be August and this will be only my 4th installment of ‘A 40-agers thoughts…’ that I’ve managed to post so far. My excuse is again, life — and a general lack of time.

Since my last post on this topic (in February) a good chunk of my time has be absorbed with the necessity to apply for my current ‘day’ job. Yes, I had to apply for the job for which I have been fulfilling the responsibilities of since January 2011. The good news is that I have now been officially offered my job.

But please don’t offer me your congratulations. This is a bit awkward for me, as I’m never quite sure what to say. The polite (expected) answer, of course, is ‘Thanks!’. How I always want to answer is, “Oh yes, it was so rewarding to have to grovel for my own job… the job duties I was actually employed to do + the job duties that were dumped on me when someone else vacated a different position… the work I have performing for 3.5 years with no increase in pay or even any sort of acknowledgement.”

That being said, I do enjoy my work, which is why I’ve stayed with it for so long. I simply have to learn to pay closer attention to when I’m being taken advantage of and take steps to remedy the situation.

As you can see, of course I can complain. But next time I’ll try to refrain.

A 40-ager’s thoughts… discouraged. :-(

Reaching a level of irritation and disappointment that I didn’t think was even possible.

Lately I’ve been coming into contact with (sometimes through family and friends’ experiences) a growing number of persons who appear to have no conscience (or morals), or possibly any concept of what it means to be ethical.  These persons appear to operate in an entirely self-centered fashion, asking for favors with no regard to the inconvenience of the favor-giver, and completely taking for granted that same favor-giver.

What is wrong with people these days?

Treat people with respect.

Show some appreciation, and ‘reward’ the people who are trying to better their ‘world’ (…and stop rewarding those persons who only take, take, take, and never ‘give back’).

It’s exhausting.