A 40-agers thoughts… pet peeve on career

Some of my work involves draft contracts, this doesn’t make me an attorney. Some projects require me to design flyers, brochures, etc., this doesn’t make me a marketing professional. I am a writer and a grants professional. I have legitimately worked in this capacity since my employment in a biological oceanography professor’s research laboratory at Texas A&M University backContinue reading “A 40-agers thoughts… pet peeve on career”

What to do when faced with… “no unsolicited applications”

In the event you locate a potential funder that states it does not accept unsolicited applications, it may not be the final word. First, make sure your organization/project is a good fit with the foundation’s funding interests. If it’s not, don’t apply. You will only be wasting their time and yours. However, if your organization/projectContinue reading “What to do when faced with… “no unsolicited applications””