A 40-ager’s thoughts… optimistic and hopeful. :-)

I think I’ve gotten back to a good frame of mind, one where I can make a concerted effort to improve myself physically and mentally. Started back again on 1 February to clean up my diet and get away from a/n (almost) sedentary lifestyle. Goals: * Exercise more in order to feel (and look) goodContinue reading “A 40-ager’s thoughts… optimistic and hopeful. :-)”

A 40-ager’s thoughts… can’t complain /:-)

Well, of course I can. Somehow it got to be August and this will be only my 4th installment of ‘A 40-agers thoughts…’ that I’ve managed to post so far. My excuse is again, life — and a general lack of time. Since my last post on this topic (in February) a good chunk ofContinue reading “A 40-ager’s thoughts… can’t complain /:-)”