Millennials are People


What’s with the increase in millennial bashing lately?

It’s couched in supposed humor, but it’s hateful just the same.

And what’s truly ironic, to me anyway, is that half of these people who criticize millennials for things like, ‘not having real jobs’ and ‘wanting to gain fame and fortune for their actions on social media outlets’, are doing just that themselves?!?!

W? T? F?


John Crist —

Micah Taylor —

How about we ALL just stop the hate. 

It’s getting just a bit soul crushing.

Find something positive to do with your lives.

A 40-ager’s Thoughts… Optimistic and Hopeful, still. :-)

I’ve managed to stay (mostly) in a good frame of mind, one where I’ve stayed relatively productive, though my desire for a concerted effort to improve myself physically and mentally has not gone as well as I’d hoped. Started back again on 1 January to clean up my diet and make more progress away from a/n (almost) sedentary lifestyle. I think I’ve decided not to have the shoulder surgery, but will instead try to find a consultant/exercise regimen solution. My daughter is switching (back) to veganism and thus I will adopt a similar diet, in part to help her with her goals, but mostly for my own benefit. 

* Exercise more in order to feel (and look) good physically.
* Continue to repair the strength to my shoulder (damage from accident).

* Continue the completion of the myriad of sewing projects cluttering my life.

* Make more progress in cleaning out the excess ‘unnecessary plastic objects’ residing with us, to streamline the household.

* Take stock of the actual ‘things’ I own that cost money, and try and reduce some of that burden (cars, I find, are a weakness of mine). :-/

* Help my daughter attain her goals related to independence.

* Seek out opportunities to socialize more with new people and in new environments.

* Research employment possibilities that would serve to fulfill me on a more emotional level. The negative work environment I have been in for the last decade has taken a bit of a toll on me.

Here’s hoping! 🙂