This blog is managed by Bobby Becka. She is the owner and principal of RBServices, which was founded in 2000, after numerous requests for service.

RBServices works with clients on a consultancy basis and provides a wide variety of writing and editing services to individuals, companies and non-profit organizations throughout the United States.

The Becka family has been in the ‘business of words’ for decades, starting with a grandfather who was in the printing business in the late 1800s/early 1900s. The patriarch, Richard Becka, was a philosopher and author. The matriarch, Irene, was also a writer and author. Bobby Becka has been working with words, primarily in the field of grants, for the past 20+ years.  Though ‘new’ to writing (only in-so-far-as she is the youngest of the writing clan), Clara Becka is also an excellent writer and a published author. Additionally, we have a cousin, Lisa, who writes forensic suspense and whose books have been translated into six languages and reached the New York Times mass market bestseller’s list. She has published under the names Elizabeth Becka and Lisa Black, and also has e-books as Beth Cheylan.

Experience working with both the public and private sector, and many requests for assistance, inspired the creation of this company. Numerous people have been assisted with their resume and writing projects, and more than 390 foundation, state and federal proposals have been successfully funded.

We relish the challenge and have been lucky enough to enjoy success!

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